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Seamlessly capture and manage leads with CF7 and TrackEasy integration

What is the TrackEasy Plugin?

The TrackEasy Plugin is a powerful CF7 (Contact Form 7) extension designed to enhance your lead capturing and management process. By seamlessly integrating with  CF7, this plugin allows you to effortlessly capture leads submitted through forms and store them in the TrackEasy lead management system, all thanks to the robust TrackEasy API.

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How does it work?

With this plugin, you can easily map a CF7 form to a specific TrackEasy lead campaign. Once mapped, you have the flexibility to link the form’s fields to any corresponding lead table fields within TrackEasy. When your website visitors enter their details into the mapped CF7 form fields and hit submit, the plugin automatically sends this data to the relevant fields in the TrackEasy system. This ensures that your captured leads are accurately saved and organised, making it convenient for you to manage and track the progress of your campaigns.

Key features

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Are you prepared to simplify the process of gathering and managing leads? Use the TrackEasy plugin to enjoy the ease of obtaining leads from CF7 forms and effortlessly bringing them into TrackEasy. Improve your campaign’s overall performance, accuracy and efficiency right now.

Download TrackEasy Plugin